Hey Everybody,

This is the first time for me to publish anything, but I’ve been reading and sometimes adding my useless comments for quite a bit. So if you want to know anything about me just ask in the comments.


Now I write this because I need help, but also because I think it may interest some of you.

Lets get straight to the point. Our 4 year old Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost 125hp has broken down 4 weeks ago and is still in the garage (under warranty). Now I wonder what to do next so here’s some context.


On the 26 of May I had to watch my niece, starting 7 am. It’s about an hour drive, so I got in the car at 6 am and started it up. It ran really badly for about 30 seconds at idle, but then it smoothed out and without thinking about it I set of. About 40 miles later I got to a red light where the car turned itself off like it’s supposed to. But it then refused to start again, just the startermotor turned. So I sit there for like 2 minutes, try again and it starts, no problem. I finish the journey, watch my niece for 5 hours or so and then get in the car to drive home.

Starts up no problem, no rough idle this time. So I leave and after 3 miles the engine start stuttering, not holding the revs with a steady throttle. So I call Ford Assistance. The man arrives, finds no errors in the computer, so he goes on a test drive.

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He returned after about 5 minutes, with the engine having overheated and lots of white smoke coming from the exhaust. So we’re thinking head gasket and drive it to the nearest Ford garage.


Because the car is under warranty I get a rental for four days, that I then drive home. So far so good. Now comes the part that isn’t so good.

After about 3 days, the mechanic calls, confirms it’s the head gasket and says he must now ask Ford for permission to repair under warranty, which could take a couple of days.


I then call a week later asking for news. He says Ford agreed, now they test if it needs a new cylinderhead or if they can use the old one.

Another week passes and he says he ordered a new one but that could take another 2 weeks. I then called on the 19th of June and they say I can come get it on Friday the 22. So I make sure I got 3 spare hours on Friday afternoon (two hours to get there with public transport, 1 hour back). So I call at 11am to get a confirmation. The mechanic then says it’s not finished, because the head was still underway and hedidn’t know about it.. So he says, it will be finished today, Tuesday 26..


Today he calls, saying they put it all back together and wanted to test it out. Somehow water got into the cylinder again and now he says it needs a new engine, but those can’t be ordered right now (??) he will call me back later today.

So to sum it up

  • My mother has been without a car for 4 weeks. And no idea when she will get hers back
  • They said it was the headgasket (but it wasn’t somehow)
  • They wouldn’t tell me why the gasket let go in the first place
  • They only offered a car for us for 4 days

So here are some questions to you all

  • Do I contact my usual mechanic and tell him about it? (also official Ford mechanic but what could he do?)
  • Do I contact Ford Switzerland and try to make them give her a lender for the rest of the time?
  • What is the problem if it could not be fixed with a new head and gasket?

So what should I do? Is this normal and I should just wait or do something..

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